Whisky a Go-Go! LIVE Stream Q & A



All you have to do is go to hairbangersball.VEEPs.com Create an account. Click “BUY TICKETS” and look for the Hairbanger’s Ball show. Click on it, buy your tickets AND get an email w/ a link. On June 27th per whatever time zone you are in … click that link AND BAM … you’re in the show! You can also sign into your VEEPs account and find your purchased ticket there.

Can I watch it on my TV?

YES!  Just mirror your smart phone or laptop to your TV.

Will you know if we are watching?

YES. You can shoot a WHAT’S UP GUYS and GALS to us on the chat section of the stream.

Can I watch the live stream after it airs?

No. This concert is in real time.

Can I watch it on FaceBook? 


Can I watch it on YouTube? 

No.  You can only watch in REAL TIME on the VEEPs web site. This is a high quality production with multiple cameras and The Whisky a GO-GO EXPERIENCE! Only at hairbangersball.VEEPs.com

Just like a concert you’d walk into a venue to see us at, this concert is in REAL TIME. If you’re late (because you waited till last minute to get your ticket) You CAN NOT rewind! You can not watch this on another date. Times are 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern and 7pm Pacific.

Will your show be kid friendly?

Yes … we are doing an “all ages” format.

Is there a Dress Code?

Nope! Remember, you are watching in your house. Probably the only show you can watch (outside of Hog Rock) naked, lol

Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs and hope they all watch with you 🙂  We love cats too 🙂

Ticket processing time can take up to 30 min. the closer you wait till show time to purchase.  Don’t be late, we’re counting on you Bangmasters!  hairbangersball.VEEPS.com  9pm Central, 10pm Eastern and 7pm Pacific.  

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