Meet Nichole and Kristy! Our Fans of The Week!



Q:  When and where did you first see the band?

A:  Durty Nellies 2013

Q:  Who’s your favorite 80’s Hair Rock band?

A:  Poison (Kristy)  / Def Leppard (Nichole)

Q:  What is your favorite song we cover?

A:  Shake Me (Kristy) / Rock of Ages (Nichole)

Q:  What is your favorite “adult” drink?

A:  Cranberry Vodka (Kristy) / Purple Hooter (Nichole)


Q:  Can you share a few HB memories with us?

A:  It was Kristy’s first concert after her knee surgery.  You guys played “Shake Me” and gave her a shout out during the show 🙂


Q:  If you could party with Rikki Rhoads for one night, what do you think the night would be like? A:  LOL, A total and complete night of rockin’ mayhem!!


Q:  What Poison song best describes you?

  1. Nothing But A Good Time – Kristy
  2. I Want Action
  3. Look What The Cat Dragged In
  4. Fallen Angel
  5. You Pick    Talk Dirty To Me – Nichole


Q:  What rock star would you like to see naked?

A:  Too many to choose from…LOL


Q:  Do you think Nikki Sixx should get The Nobel Prize in Literature for his lyric “forward my mail to me in hell” ?   Yes or Yes?

A: Yes!






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