Meet Laura Colby Our Fan of the Week!



Q: When and where did you first see Hairbanger’s Ball?

A: HOME Bar in Arlington Heights in May – then many times since


Q: Who’s your favorite 80’s Hair Rock band?

A: L.A. Guns, also Skid Row & KISS


Q: What is your favorite song we cover?

A: Feed my Frankenstein



Q: What Poison song best describes you:

  1. a) Nothing But a Good Time
  2. b) I Want Action
  3. c) Look What the Cat Dragged In
  4. d) Fallen Angel


A: A – Nothing But A Good Time


Q: Can you share a memory from a Hairbanger’s Ball show with us?

A: This summer I loved seeing my daughter sing along during outdoor Hairbanger’s Ball shows, also singing with me on the ride home.  It’s been a great way to share music with her that’s been such a big part of my life!  And she was thrilled to meet some of the band and take photos after shows!


Q: What is your favorite “adult” drink?

A: Corpse Reviver #2


Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard does HB rock YOU?

A: 11

Thank You Laura!  Cheers!


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