Meet Jack and Loren! Our Fans Of The Week!



Q: When and where did you first see the band?
L: Summer on Southport 2013
J: Joe’s on Weed, a long time ago…

Q: Who’s your favorite 80’s Hair Rock band?
L: Motley Crue or Poison
J: Motley Crue

Q: What is your favorite song we cover?
L: Crazy Train
J: Run to the Hills
L&J: of course we both love when Claire sings ALONE

Q: What is your favorite “adult” drink?
L: Vodka Soda splash of Cranberry.
J: Captain and Coke

Q: Can you share a few HB memories with us?
L&J: Summer on Southport, Jack and I had just started dating and Claire sang Alone, in that moment I realized I was going to marry him one day. The lyrics fit so perfect with our story!

We also loved when Erik Donner stepped in as the Lead Singer for one night only… BEST DECISION EVER!!!

Q: If you could party with one member of Hairbanger’s Ball, who would it be and why?
L: Khaos- Any one who can drink Rumplemintz and enjoy it knows how to party!
J: Rikki Rhoads, that dude can thrash! And he’s funny as shit.

Q: What Bon Jovi song best describes you?
a) Lay Your Hands on Me
b) Living on a Prayer – Loren & Jack – You played it to close the wedding
c) Blaze of Glory
d) Runaway
e)_________________________________your pick
Q: Mexican coke or Puerto Rican rum?
L&J: Mexican Coke with a side of Rum…but not from PuertoRico, that stuff tastes funny.
Q: Do you think Van Halen should get The Nobel Prize in Literature for the lyric “Model citizen, zero discipline” ? Yes or Yes?
L & J:Sure.

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