Hairbanger’s Ball Announces New Lead Singer: Mick Jäger


Hairbanger’s Ball are pleased to announce they have filled the singer/front man vacancy left after the recent departure of Sakk Wylde, and have done so with a familiar face and voice from the Chicago original music scene: Brian Durbin of LOVEBLAST.

Durbin (now to be called Mick Jäger, cause that’s the Hairbanger’s Ball way), is joining the band immediately to help light up the stage and blow the hair back on 80’s glam rock fans across Chicago and beyond. “Hairbanger’s Ball is a legendary compilation of inimitable musical talent who excite crowds with their renditions of glam rock classics,” said Jäger. “I can’t wait to rock alongside the band – and the fans – in 2016 and beyond.” Jäger is a rare, spectacular talent in this genre of music, and the band is thrilled to share this news with its many loyal, adoring fans. This change is very exciting and the band knows you’re going to love it. Welcome, Mick Jäger, and here’s to a bright looking future!


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