Fan of the Week is Marcy Crayne-Moody



Q:  When and where did you first see Hairbanger’s Ball?
A:  4-5 years ago at Harrahs Cassino.

Q:  Who’s your favorite 80’s Hair Rock band?
A:  All time rock band is the Runaways.  My Favorite Hair band is Poison.

Q:  What is your favorite song we cover?
A:  Wild Child by W.A.S.P.

Q:  What is your favorite “adult” drink?
A:  Jack in a shot glass

Q:  Can you share a few HB memories with us?
A:  No matter who has been your lead singer, drummer or guitarist, the band puts on a great show and gives 110%.  There are some pictures I posted from Nevins on my FB page in an album.

Q:  Do we make you happy? Do we rock n roll you well?

A:  You guys never disappoint!  Each and every show is a blast.

Q:  What show will you be attending this month?
A:  I will be at Nevins on the 5th and Tailgaters on the 12th!  And Hopefully one more.

Thank You Marcy for being our Week 1 Fan of the Week!  Keep Rockin’!!




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