Fan of the Week is Jackie Tulk!



Q: When and where did you first see Hairbanger’s Ball?

A: I first saw Hairbangers Ball In April 2012 at Bourbon Street.



Q: Who’s your favorite 80’s Hair Rock band?

A: Motley Crue!


Q: What is your favorite song we cover?

A: Cherry Pie



Q: What song would you like us to never play again?

A: I don’t really have a song I think you should never play . Love all 80’s rock.


Q: Can you share a memory from a Hairbanger’s Ball show with us?

A: My memory of a show is this past July at proud American days in New Lenox I was there  celebrating my birthday with friends and Mick Jäger gave me a shout out for my Birthday and played my favorite song Cherry Pie!


Q: What Motley Crue song best describes you:

  1. Feelgood
  2. Wild Side
  3. Too Fast For Love
  4. Looks That Kill
  5. _______________________   your pick


Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard does HB rock YOU?

A: 10 is how much Hairbangers rocks me

Q: What is your favorite “adult” drink?

A: Jager Bomb!!


Q: Do you believe in Bigfoot?

A: Yes, yes I do believe in Bigfoot.

Thank You Jackie for being our Fan of the Week!


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